Please consider helping unfortunate young single mothers in Kenya by providing these ​specific Girls Ruffle T-shirts.  The T-shirts have an attached ruffle, making it possible to add fabric to the bottom and turning it into a dress.

Local missionaries will travel to Imara International in Kenya with the T-shirts.  The young mothers are learning to make the T-shirt dresses themselves for their children.  

Making T-shirt dresses in Kenya is only possible with your generous donation.  The young mothers do not have the resources or opportunity to purchase the T-shirts.
Link to Dhrama Trading Co.
This is where you can buy ruffle T-shirts

Click on the shopping cart above and order any quantity of Girls Ruffle Tees in any color and any size.

Please ship the T-shirts directly to the following address:

Dress For A Change
Care Of Creative Sewing Center of Minnetonka
13520 Wayzata Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN  55305
​(952) 593-3866

The manager of Creative Sewing Center, Diane Simmons, will notify me to pick up the T-shirts and deliver them to the missionaries.

The little Imara International Kenyan children modeling their brand new T-shirt ​dresses. 

Thank you for helping me make my Gold Award project sustainable. Your donation of T-shirts will help empower the mothers and children.