Please consider making
T-shirt dresses and donating them to Heshima Kenya's Safe House Program for young refugee girls in East Africa

Making Dress For A Change Sustainable
Young refugee women and their children in the Safe House are building a new life together through Heshima’s holistic programming that provides protection, education and a supportive community of empowerment to one of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Let’s give these refugee girls some pretty dresses to wear, too! 
Your Girl Scout Troop, Church Program, Sewing Circle, School and Quilt Guild can get together to make t-shirt dresses and easily donate them to Heshima Kenya’s Safe House for young refugee girls. Simply follow my dress-making instructions and video, and make as many dresses as your group can. The ruffle t-shirts can be ordered online from Dharma Trading Company. Ship your dresses to the organization’s headquarters in Chicago: 

​(Dress For A Change Donation)
CHICAGO, IL  60610

Please visit Heshima Kenya's Website for your understanding why I would like my Girl Scout Gold Award Project to be sustainable by partnering with this empowering and educational organization for women and girls. 

Please Share Your Dress For A Change Donation Story!  

If you or your organization made and donated T-shirt dresses to the
Heshima Kenya Program, please share your photos and story! Send your story
and photos to me at [email protected] and I will upload
it to my Dress For A Change BLOG on this website!  

Thank you for sharing!